Why is a professional headshot important?

This is a legitimate question, and most professionals and aspiring actors / models understand the need for a professional headshot. With today’s advanced cell phone camera technology, they produce a fair product! It’s fine for a social media snap or snapshot of a casual outing. For updating a professional resume or marketing materials, company website and social media, you need a professional headshot. Why is a professional headshot important? Effort put into what you do.

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-Why is a professional headshot important? Effort and accountability. A similar concept to going to a job interview or a date dressed appropriately. Having a sloppy appearance says “I don’t really care”. It’s as much about the effort as it is having a nicely lit and properly composed photograph that represents you. Not only as a professional, but a person as well. A professional headshot photographer knows how to light and compose for each unique subject and make it flattering. Here are a couple gentlemen who came for headshots for their updated company directory and website. This company is a property development management group, ironically right in my neighborhood!

Why is a professional headshot important?

headshots Nashville

If they did selfies and called it good enough, how would that look to clients paying top dollar for their services? In the grand scheme of things, headshots aren’t terribly expensive and they represent the individual well if done properly.

This aspiring actor also has to invest, with no guarantee of successful signing of an agency or bookings. But by getting headshots, it shows he’s willing to invest in himself and is serious. For the most part, people aren’t willing to invest in others who don’t invest in themselves. Kindof a catch 22. I know I’d be hesitant to hire a professional of any kind who did a cell phone snapshot as part of their branding. I’d rather see no photo than that. Maybe because I’m a photographer and am sensitive to that, but my first thought is wondering what corners they’d cut while doing work for me.

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