This shouldn’t even be a question, but many couple have fallen victim to people with cameras with a few good dubious photos in their portfolio. It’s a double edged sword, an overly eager shutterbug without proper experience wants their break, but should know their limitations. It’s also on the couple for hiring an unqualified person to capture their no do-over event. In a case like that, who accepts the blame, and who passes it off all on the other person? So, for couples who value wedding photography, why hire a professional wedding photographer?

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Accountability –

A pro has a contract, with definitive terms, not only to protect themselves, but the couple. A pro has liability insurance, that venues should really require. A pro communicates with the client and helps them rest assured their investment in them is sound. A pro shows up and does the job, regardless of their own convenience. Clients don’t suffer for our personal lives and hard times we go through in life. I’ve photographed weddings sick or in physical pain, which thankfully that’s rare. One wedding this season, I went to a memorial service for a good friend who was killed in a car accident, and my next stop was to photograph a wedding. The transition was hard, but the joy of the couple helped me get through it. We don’t cancel. We don’t make excuses. A proper contract guarantees that. Barring any unforeseen catastrophic accident.

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Overall experience –

There’s a big difference in the experience of a vetted pro and a hobbyist. Also, the experience you have working with that vendor is efficient and pleasurable. You don’t have to hold their hand, because a pro has systems in place to make your day a seamless experience.

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Proven track record and signature style –

That is why you should be hiring someone. Can this pro perform consistently? What do their reviews say? There’s a big difference in the outcome between hiring a handpicked provider, and an impulsive hire because of price. Of course budget only allows certain splurge items, and other things are ok to save on and even skip. But why hire a professional wedding photographer? if this doesn’t convince you, maybe photography isn’t a top priority.