Why hire a documentary wedding photographer?

More specifically, why hire me in particular? In short, documentary photography is about capturing the natural moments and human emotion that happens at a wedding. With exception of approximately 20 minutes of family / group photos, typically up to eight combinations (if the couple wants these at all) the entire wedding day is unposed, affording me the opportunity to do what I do best- capture the soul, energy, emotion, and love as it happens in its own perfect way. These moments are what makes your day unique to you and your loved ones. As you reminisce, browsing your photos after the day has come and gone; seeing yourselves and your guests in your natural elements is the fondest memory. Yes, I am a niche style of wedding photographer, and I know this approach, style of photography, and overall experience is not for every couple. I dare say that despite me photographing over 200 weddings, I’m not a wedding photographer at all. I’m a journalist and storyteller who photographs weddings.

This approach is exactly tailored for the couple who wants to enjoy their day, spend quality time with everyone, and not have to endure hours of standing for posed groups, fake smiles, and time away from their event. Basically hire me and forget me, and it will be done. My clients value my non-intrusive, understated presence, as I am a fly on the wall throughout the day. I understand that most couples and their families want at least the basic portrait groups which is easily doable in 20 minutes. If a couple wishes me to do many more portrait groups and have more orchestration, that defeats the purpose of hiring a documentarian, and they are better off with a more traditional wedding photographer.

To break it down into simple terms; clients pay good money for their wedding photographer. It’s only logical to hire the one with a like-minded vision. My clients receive a lovingly crafted series of photographs that makes up their story. To do so, I need creative freedom to do what I do best, most effectively. There are a host of others who pose the couple, parties, and guests throughout the day, and respond well to lists, Pinterest ideas, and the micromanaging that goes with that (The polar opposite of any true documentary photographer). I should be hired exactly for my signature style and system of working that I’ve built over the years, not something different. This is not a trend, it’s timeless and hinges on true human interaction. Why hire a documentary wedding photographer? If you think it’s for you, let’s talk.

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