You might be considering a new job, career, or business venture, and the dilemma ” When to get new headshots ” comes to mind. I think it’s always smart to have a current headshot made, especially if you’re considering any life change or your look has changed. New hairstyle or color? Yup, it’s time to update your headshot if you’re updating your resume or making any professional changes. A professional headshot shows commitment and effort on your part, and is a more flattering representation of yourself than a casual snapshot.

headshot Nashville

It’s a fun and easy process here, if you’re in Nashville, or are traveling here, I can update your headshot for you. Camera shy? So am I. I make the process easy and quick. Even though I’m primarily a documentary photographer, I enjoy headshot sessions. I get to know new people and hear about their upcoming adventures. I get to be a part of it by giving them the necessary tools.

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I’ve seen all kinds of people with different needs. Some are applying for medical residency programs, others are starting a new business, applying for new jobs, switching careers, etc. Updating your headshot in any of those cases helps represent you well.

headshots nashville

“Oh, but I hate it when professional cameras pick up my flaws” A professional photographer knows how to photograph each unique subject. Also, I provide basic Photoshop for a little bit of assistance. Without leaving traces in my work or taking skin texture away. Tastefully, without overdoing it. Do you have 30 minutes? Get your headshots scheduled today.

When to get new headshots? What better time, if your life is described above? It doesn’t have to be time consuming, long and drawn out, boring, emotionally draining, or painfully expensive. It can be fun, as it is for my clients, and quick and painless. You’re welcome. 😀