In this day and age, it’s a competitive job market, especially in rapidly growing cities like Nashville. I remember growing up as a teen looking for a part-time after school job, and asking a gas station manager for a job filling peoples’ tanks and checking their oil, etc. He said they weren’t hiring, but he gave me some tips that stuck with me. At the time, I never considered what employers look for in headshots, but more rather how to get hired. Today, headshots are part of that process.

I remember him telling me that he looks for punctuality, neat appearance, work ethic, and eagerness without desperation. Applying for jobs with a professional headshot shows effort. What employers look for in headshots are faces that would proudly represent their company, and a lot of it is the effort of doing so. If a candidate shows up with a bathroom selfie or iPhone snap, how seriously do they take the opportunity? My headshot services in Nashville start at just $100.00, so there’s not much reason not to.

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Most corporate jobs want in studio headshots, and sometimes in office. Outdoor headshots are nice, but are mostly done for creative fields and realtors, your mileage may vary. A lot of it depends on the job and career field, as to style of headshot the employer is looking for.  This young lady is searching for a new career, and was excited to put her best foot forward. I am sure potential employers will appreciate her enthusiasm.

headshots Nashville

In the event that an outdoor headshot fits your needs, and your particular career field, I can do that as well. That can also provide a comfort level with your clientele and give you the earthy feel you need. It’s a new year, don’t rely on selfies and outdated headshots. It’s a quick and easy process.

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