For engaged couples gathering information about services for their upcoming wedding, interaction they have with vendors can make or break their overall experience. Today, I’m creating a two sided discussion on the topic of wedding vendor price inquiries. I’ve seen one side complain about the other, so much division. It’s not supposed to be that way.

It’s really this simple. As a service provider, I obviously need my clients. My website is my initial sales tool. Mine is set up very deliberately to attract clients who want what I offer, and put couples off with different expectations. They need us to provide a service and to make the load they carry a bit lighter. Just as I mentioned I qualify clients, they have to do the same. There shouldn’t be animosity. Here are direct comments on this topic from a shopping bride.


Ok, pricing transparency, I agree that something should be available to prospective clients. Depending on the products or services we offer, sometimes there are too many possibilities to list them all, and only overwhelm the viewer. Sometimes, as seen on my own website, a starting price or range is a good compromise. We know you’re busy, and the last thing most of us would want to do is cause you a hassle or waste your time.

Be specific in your inquiries-

Even if it’s copied and pasted. We won’t know, or care. Basic info about the wedding is important. It’s not logical to think a choppy how much email can be sent, and you get the most solid response without being asked for more information to base pricing on. Why do some find it easier to email 10 providers than to pick a few they’re most interested in, and keep the conversation productive? That’s where this bride was partially creating her own problem. You get out what you put in. She’s right, it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth, but being impulsive and impatient isn’t conducive to the discussion either. It’s a personal service. A good provider can provide guidance, and most of us want to help you, not oversell you.

Ghosting or responding –

She’s right, she isn’t obligated to respond to everyone, but there again, it’s more productive to research more and contact fewer to simplify. She’s also right, it’s proper to respond to vendors who have spent time with you, even if you went a different direction. Also true, if a vendor never follows up, a response on your part isn’t necessary. This is also where a professional service provider shouldn’t be badgering brides or grooms, but simply thank them for thinking of them. It’s very much a two-way street.

Final thoughts on wedding vendor price inquiries –

I see some frustration from her, and others. Also vendors. My best tip, when shopping, it never hurts to be friendly and detailed. In fact, the quality of the answers you get from vendors will be exponentially better. Less is more, with number of inquiries, and avoid the foul tempers and attitude. Both sides. We’re here to help each other. Not oppose.