There are a lot of rapidly changing trends with regard to styling and floral, table settings, overall styles of the wedding itself. Boho, Shabby Chic, rustic, etc. Many wedding photographers go to great pain to keep up with these ever changing styling and wedding photography trends as well.

flower girl

Many wedding photographers build their brand and success by being known for certain styles of weddings and styling. This could include the trending flowery Lightroom presets to finish their photos. I can’t blame anyone for looking for and finding their niche, but here is how I look at wedding photography trends differently. As well as my lack of interest of styling trends. I don’t really have to know everything about trends as I capture and appreciate what is there, but it doesn’t define my particular style.

wedding cocktail hour

I look at many trends as passing fads. My approach is based primarily on documenting a story and human interaction. Sure, I like photographing the vibe and decor, but it doesn’t define an event or it’s people. This is why I put my energy and continuous efforts to being a stronger documentarian and don’t worry about passing trends. Because timeless photography and real human emotion don’t go out of style. Trends and fads do. Capturing some details are great, but it seems sad and impersonal to make wedding photography coverage primarily based on that.

wedding dancing

I’m not making fun of the trend followers, because we all must do what we believe in and are passionate about.  I just don’t want to deliver photos to a couple that they have to make excuses for decades later as their kids and grandkids look at. Like why are these as out of style as the mullet? The blown out highlights and whites and all the current styles, Instagram filters, well….they’re short lived. If I looked at my parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos, I wouldn’t care about the decor one bit. I want to remember them and see them at different stages of their lives when I wasn’t here to see it. I tell these stories for future generations first, then the couple. Just my two cents, worth what you paid.