One very commonly asked question about whether or not couples need wedding photography for entire reception, it is no longer a mystery!

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The short answer-

Most of the time I do not stay for the entire reception unless there is a special exit that is important to the couple. I will not leave a couple if the story is not told, so I will explain. There comes a point in many wedding receptions when some guests leave, and I’ve already documented the critical moments like cake cutting, couple and parent dances. Also the couple, wedding party, and other guests hitting the bar and shaking it on the dance floor!! Those events are why the reception is my favorite part of wedding photography. However, by the time guests thin out, I’ve gotten what I need. Past that point, it would be redundant.

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All the Nashville wedding photographers I know work differently, but I think all of us would agree on a couple fine points. Many couples err on the side of caution and overestimate the time they need their photographer for. It’s wise to have enough time, but the best solution is to use that time wisely and have logistics that make sense.

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The whole idea for hiring a wedding photographer is to have them tell a story. About you and your day. The balance of getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and even portraits is to be worked out between the couple and the wedding photographer. It’s about the balance that is right for you. Each event is unique.

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The easiest way to sort this is to speak with your photographer and let them help you, based on their approach. As far as the original topic of wedding photography for entire reception, that’s a personal choice. From my experience, it’s not usually necessary or particularly beneficial once the event reaches that point right past the peak.