I feel compelled to make this article about properly pairing wedding photographers and videographers. One odd misconception for couples who have not yet done their homework is that the skill sets are interchangeable or every provider offers both services. Some do, and many don’t, Nor do they need to, because it’s not the same service. Nor is it logical to think you can pair any photographer and videographer together and expect them to compliment each others’ styles and approaches. I know it sounds confusing, but I will elaborate the best I can to simplify the process.

What about hiring an inclusive company?

That’s an option. But you don’t always get your pick of a specific photographer or videographer. If a couple’s expectation is nondescript and they just want the services performed, it’s a sure bet. Not all inclusive companies are made up of staff, but sometimes hired help / subcontractors. A couple may not even know who their providers will be, and it may not matter to them. For couples that have specific tastes in a photographer’s work or style of work, it only makes sense to know what you like about it, hand pick their photographer, and pair the videographer accordingly.

Why is it important to properly pair a photographer and videographer?

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m a pure documentary style photographer. My approach on the wedding day is to work non-intrusively and document the natural human emotion that happens throughout the day. Group portraits are done in a minimal time, whereas many other wedding photographers spend a lot more time posing and orchestrating. That’s what I do best, and that’s what I am known for. I’m not saying what I do is right and others are wrong. The fact remains that my work and the work of a more traditional wedding photographer would attract different couples from the other. The couple who values natural human emotion and interaction would value a more understated presence from their wedding photographer. If the couple hiring me also is hiring a videographer, it’s a far more effective pairing when wedding photographers and videographers are similar in style, demeanor, and approach on the wedding day.

Not all of my couples hire videographers. When I am at the booking stage, I ask them if they plan on hiring a videographer. If so, I provide a short list of a few excellent recommended videographers. I make sure my clients know I am not just recommending them because they are friends, but they are true professionals, and we work well together. It can confuse guests if our approaches clash. Given that scenario, I can still provide the goods, in spite of the intrusive videographer. Some videographers flow really well with my photojournalist style and approach. Others take a more scripted, do things again, re-do moments approach that doesn’t pair as well. All I can ask is that my couples keep that in mind as they’re looking, and I provide my recommendations. A complete style mismatch or working with videographers lacking experience and professional courtesy is more problematic than it’s worth for me,  It’s in my interest to provide my best work without being sabotaged, and have our respective products have continuity.


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