This is meant to be honest and truthful but also somewhat witty and entertaining. I guess it depends on which end of the spectrum you are on. It’s about wedding photographer buzzwords. Basically¬† building hype about things that usually mean nothing to the consumer.¬† Let’s begin, enjoy!

Natural light photographer-wedding photographer buzzwords part 1

Ok. Who cares? What does this mean to the couple who is hiring a wedding photographer? It should go without saying that a professional photographer can control natural light and be proficient working in different ambient conditions. I’d hope a wedding photographer can pull that off. Usually when I hear this, the translation is “I don’t know how to use flash or other lighting”. Which is fine, but in a dark reception hall or night time reception hall, that may not bode well. It just seems pretentious when worn as some sort of badge of honor. A couple either likes a wedding photographer’s work or they don’t. Why would they care HOW it’s done? Eyeroll.


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Husband and wife team-

Isn’t that sweet? Maybe. But once again, who cares? In theory it sounds great. Out of any of these wedding photographer buzzwords, I’d use this one myself if I thought it would benefit me, if I were married. But really and truly, why would that add any value to the consumer’s product or service? Those working in teams can work well together whether they’re married to each other or not. That also doesn’t mean both are equally qualified. Eyeroll. But I get the appeal, when you hear it.

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Two photographers and different perspectives-

Bottom line, do you like how a wedding photographer tells a story from start to finish and do you like the experience you’re likely to have with them? Can they take great photos, capture the moods and emotions, or styles you care about most at your wedding? If so, there’s no reason to want it done differently.

I’m not telling you here how I work.¬† How I do it shouldn’t change those views. But a story that matches up and having a system to work efficiently is all you need. Why should the couple care how it’s done? That’s our job to know. Do I go into a restaurant and ask how many chefs they have? No, I’m paying good money and only care about the food and experience I’ll have. Tell the story, do it effectively. Some don’t use two shooters for the sake of consistency and non intrusive approach. Some do, they have their reasons too. Who cares? Eyeroll.

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Wedding Wire couples’ choice awards winner-

Final one. That means a provider collected enough reviews from their clients to qualify for this award. Nothing else.