There may have always been trends with weddings and wedding photo trends, and there may always be. Time changes everything, and trends seldom stay relevant or stand the test of time. You can always get rid of a silly haircut or outfit that was in style at any given time, but incorporating too many trendy elements into wedding photography should be carefully considered.

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I suppose you could count the latest Pinterest and wedding blog trends, as well as Instagram filters and other color filters / presets that are often overdone and tacky. I’m never one to stick with safe options and avoid risks, however, you don’t want wedding photos that you have to explain in 20 years. Do you remember the early 1980’s softening filters that Glamour Shots used? Or mixed saturation in photos? Even cameo windows in albums? Those are examples of style trends that go out, sometimes back in, let’s hope not.

My own wedding photography is anything but traditional and contemporary, and most certainly not trendy. Documentary coverage is a niche for certain couples, and the photos have a unique look to them. I like more contrast and moody, as opposed to bright and airy. How is this not a trend? The styles of photographers offering either have always been. My filters and color treatments are minimal and black and white work will never go out of style.

I like to offer timeless wedding photography, instead of focusing on wedding photo trends that may look ridiculous next year. For me, this means the photos themselves having a modern feel without being trendy, and the albums / products having a timeless look. Trends are only good if they stand the test of time. I’ve seen art deco furniture from mid century that always stays relevant, but other pieces decades newer that look dated. Choose wisely, with wedding photos, you can’t do them over.