As an engaged couple shopping for a wedding photographer to document your day, here is one helpful tip decoding jargon. You might notice some wedding photographers advertise wedding photo retouching as part of their digital file delivery. Let’s discuss what it all means without too much in depth trivia.

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-The definition of editing in terms of photo work is only the beginning of the post production process. Post production covers the wide range of the process. Editing is the sorting and culling. Yes, culling is part of it. Getting rid of less flattering photos, missed focus or exposures and less strong redundancies. That’s editing.

-Color correction / batch post production is what most wedding photographers TRULY offer. This is after the editing process, doing basic adjustments and color/ black and white work. This ensures a level of quality control so that the photos look consistent and present well. That’s the standard and this is what I offer, on paper.  Yes, it’s post production, but not actual retouching.

-Photo retouching consists of creative changes. Such as skin and blemish cleanup, teeth whitening, slimming an arm or face, etc. Or even background manipulation like removal of exit signs. Actual wedding photo retouching on the grand scale isn’t feasible because of the quantity of photos and the work it takes.

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Actual wedding photo retouching isn’t something I promise in my contract, but it is something I do at my discretion. That’s one perk of not having to sort through 7849 photos and allowing myself enough profit to do the job properly. I can be detail oriented. My approach is organic and I capture and light how envision the photo, so that helps cut back on retouching. In cases where there are skin breakouts, some of the dress bustled wrong and I can bring it in, exit sign or wall plug removal, I usually do it. No reason not to. I’m pretty quick at Photoshop and it helps the overall representation of the end product. But if asked to slim the entire wedding party…well….not feasible unless they are willing to pay my retouch rate. So this is a term I avoid using as my standard offering but I over deliver by doing what they don’t expect. Watch the terminology and clarify.