Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget-

Written by Alexis Lewis. Alexis loves live music, hiking in the summer, and reading in her spare time.

Planning a wedding takes an enormous amount of time and effort, and after all that work you do not want any slip ups or to realize you forgot something once the big day arrives. There are many aspects of planning a wedding couples don’t always consider. Here are a few details you do not want to overlook:

Capture the Moments 

It cannot be stressed enough that there is only one chance to capture these moments that will be memories for a lifetime. These photos could be on your Christmas card, in frames around your home, or saved in a special keepsake photo album. 

To many couples, this is a top priority when wedding planning, and should be booked well in advance to ensure availability. Take the time to do your research on what you aesthetic you are looking for, and book a quality photographer for your wedding day.

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Have an Emergency Plan for Weather

Out of all the details you can control when it comes to your wedding, the weather unfortunately is not one of them. If your wedding is taking place outdoors, always be sure to have a backup plan. This will not only make life easier for your guests and vendors, but, it will also extinguish any anxiety and worry over any unexpected weather conditions. 

There are many things to keep in mind when browsing wedding venues, like “Can I fit all my guests here and into the backup rain location if necessary?,” and “Can I see myself getting married in the backup location?” Be sure to ask your venue if they have umbrellas on hand even if you are getting married inside for in between transportation in and out of cars. 

Set Up Your Wedding Registry 

Who doesn’t love gifts? Be sure to set up your wedding registry in advance so your guests can give a gift you are excited to receive. If you are having trouble coming up with items for your registry there are plenty of out of the box things to consider. 

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Art for example is not something people usually think of, but it’s splurge items you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. You could register for a luxury honeymoon cruise that you and your new spouse can sail stress free on and help cut the cost of your honeymoon after an expensive wedding. If you’re really stumped there are even places you can register gift cards which is a great solution if you feel uncomfortable asking for money.

While it seems there are thousands of details to remember when planning a wedding, these are a few key ones that will keep you on top of your game for the big day. It can be difficult taking on everything yourself, hiring a qualified planner is the most effective solution. Alternatively, delegating certain minor tasks to supportive family members or bridesmaids, etc. is ok. Just don’t make it burdensome for them, as no one cares as much as you do about your wedding. Help selecting a venue or a dress, wedding colors, etc. is one thing. Extensive planning and setup, hire a pro. Enjoy the day.