I seldom participate on social media photography groups. I focus more on my business and creating, and following those I know who inspire me. I see all kinds of inquiries for low paying second shooter gigs, yada yada yada. Many people wanting to break into wedding and event photography, probably thinking that’s where the money is. Once you get established and are known for a specific style, maybe. But I can promise you don’t get rich off it by any means. I’m not trying to deter anyone, but rather look at things realistically.

Before even worrying about over saturation, the cost of insurance and backup equipment, marketing, etc. there are lots of things to consider. Building a wedding and event photography business takes time, and most who have the “dream” never see it through, or it’s not the gravy train they thought it was. This is someone else’s day. No do overs. No excuses. There will be things going wrong. How you measure a professional is how they perform when things do not go right. The couple comes first. Before you. If you go in, go in for the right reasons, or you will be miserable and be weeded out.

You are working long hours before, during, and after. People are emotional because it’s a huge occasion for them, and pain receptors in their brain are activated because it’s a lot of work. And they paid a lot of money for a venue and service providers. You’re working weekends, your social life does not come first. You’re in or you’re not. Customers expect the best, as they should. Your contract terms, especially on photo delivery time need to be clear. Otherwise, you will get “when will my photos be done?” emails and calls. They need to be delivered as promised. Is it fun working on photos when you’d normally be doing something else? Maybe not, but too bad. If you’re in the business, it’s time to provide or get out. You have to be a go getter and selfless. These are basic personality and work ethic pre requisites to do wedding and event photography. Not including technical, ability to handle stress and last minute changes, the expense of running the business, etc.