Last year I had the pleasure of doing headshots for 2 Vanderbilt medical college graduates applying for a residency program at Vanderbilt hospital. The headshots would be submitted with their application. They knew there was a lot riding on this, since they would be investing in their career and future that they already poured everything into. I know students aren’t made of money, I do my best to give them the tools they need to succeed in a way that’s affordable for them. I remember the ladies last year said a couple colleagues actually used selfies, they knew that wasn’t a smart option. Like dressing nicely for a job interview, it shows effort and that you care. I was delighted to receive 3 new inquiries from other applicants who needed professional head shots. I was able to save them a little bit of coin, since they all came together.

business headshot

business headshot

The final one, we had a hard time deciding between her hairstyle differences. Here is my favorite. It has a soft beauty and inviting appeal to it. Usually a business type headshot hair is behind the shoulders, some see that as more professional. So here are both variations, LOL!



A small detail but it changes the feel of the headshot for sure. I wish all of them the best in the future and look forward to more Vanderbilt residency program headshots next year!