I know many couples whose weddings I deliver use primarily mobile devices for online and social sharing, which serves the purpose. The album has value because it’s an elegant tangible good in the correct storytelling context. As we all know, digital media is not as reliable as print or negatives. That’s why I like providing my couples with USB drives, for digital backup and a tangible hard copy. USB format is still easily accessible with most computers and laptops, and is the same platform as backup hard drives. This teaches the client the value of digital backup. The issue I have had in recent years, finding a company that provides reliable USB drives.

reliable USB drives

I’ve ordered from two different companies with somewhat disappointing results. Since I use a Mac, I format the drives so that they work correctly on either PC or Mac, but about half of the drives from both companies were defective. They wouldn’t format, and then were not recognizable by the computer. Plus they were slow to load content on. Both companies made good on it, but I was considering giving up on providing USB drives because of the high failure ratio.

Thankfully, Taylor with USB Memory Direct reached out to me and assured me I’d have reliable USB drives that are custom branded, guaranteed, and shipped fast. Sure enough, the drives were ready and shipped to me within a week or so! I tested all 25 of them, and all but 2 were perfect. I wasn’t even worried about those two drives, but they sent me replacements for them even though I told them not to sweat it. That’s an acceptable ratio to me. The photo content loaded much faster than my previous ones, and they look great with custom branding. All in all, a successful transaction, and great experience with USB Memory Direct.