I belong to a couple different wedding related social media communities that have both wedding vendors and engaged couples. That can be a beneficial but sometimes interesting mix, mainly because of coming from two different places. It’s human nature to be a bit defensive when shopping for something you’re unfamiliar with, as far as the inner workings of the business. One very common but somewhat frustrating discussion that always comes up. A bride or groom looking for leads and inquiring about reasonably priced wedding vendors. It could be a venue, makeup artist, wedding photographer, band or DJ, the list goes on.

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I get what they’re saying. But reasonable means a person of good judgement, fair, and sensible. I know they mean they don’t want to pay a lot. But there are different providers with different experience levels and quality of product. Just because a good or service is more expensive than any given person wants to pay, that doesn’t make that provider unreasonable. Reasonable is an emotional defense mechanism in this case, and is a turn off to a lot of qualified vendors who know their worth.

A Lexus is more expensive than a Kia. Both will get you to and from work. One is better and fancier. You pay for that if you want it. That doesn’t make Lexus unreasonable, just because you or I can’t afford one.

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Reasonably priced wedding vendors are those who charge what they’re worth.

Not what someone else thinks they should cost. It boils down to this as an engaged couple. Whether a wedding photographer or other provider type is worth it to you or not enough to justify their cost, that’s what makes it an equitable deal or a no go. There are splurge items and those you skip or just get the best you can afford.

Myself as an example. Many Nashville wedding photographers are cheaper than me, and offer seemingly more. I’m not out to compete with them. I have to run a sustainable business and I offer a signature style of wedding photography. What I offer isn’t for everyone. But it’s up to each couple to do their diligence to see if I’m the right choice, or one of my competitors. Reasonable has nothing to do with it. It’s overall value for the price and how much you love the work of each one. It’s a personalized service and a skilled artist, not a fast food coupon. My 2 cents, worth what you paid.