What are reasonably priced wedding photographers?

Let’s talk about that. From the perspective of a wedding photographer, the reasonably priced wedding photographers reference seems more like a defensive and emotional mechanism than business. Knowing the true value of what a service provider does is the more effective way to determine value than having an emotional reaction. All minutia aside.

A successful and smart wedding photographer should be accommodating and lovely to deal with. Both are qualities that help define reasonable. I can understand why the reasonably priced wedding photographer reference is used. But to imply that a wedding photographer is unfair because of their pricing structure doesn’t seem reasonable. Almost like saying just because something is priced higher than what they thought it would be, it’s not reasonable.

Every couples’ expectations and standard of what is a “reasonable” price will be different. Each couples’ standard of wedding photographer will vary too. Every couple should set their splurge priorities when budgeting. Everything else, it’s up to them to decide what to save on, or eliminate.

There are different skill levels and price points of wedding photographers –

It’s perfectly fine to have a budget. Being flexible, detailed and pleasant to deal with helps maximize that budget. I’m in the mid-high price range in my market. I’m definitely not the cheapest. I’m not the most expensive in town either. Uniqueness and quality, style, personality, overall experience and accountability provided to the couple make up the cost. Also quality of products delivered, operating costs, insurance, time and education. I know for what I provide, my prices are justified. Lower priced photographers are lower for a reason. It’s up to each couple to know what works for them and what they can afford. It’s also “reasonable” for a wedding photographer to make a sustainable living.

Research and compare, this way you understand the value of the photography that you are pricing. The quality of what you get for your investment dictates the value. There is no set dollar value to most services. Only what something is worth to us. Reasonable is an emotional description, it doesn’t fit a business transaction. All of this, of course is only worth what you paid, hopefully it’s helpful 🙂