Have you ever just wanted a headshot without calling a photographer to get 9 million questions or have the process take up all of your time? You found the right place. The average headshot session here, including shoot time, image review, and basic retouch, is under one hour. It makes me feel good when headshot clients who just wanted good but quick headshots in Nashville say that it was an easy and fun experience for them.

headshot Nashville

Some photoshoots have different and more extensive needs, but the average person who needs a headshot for LinkedIn, new business venture, corporate presentation, career or promotion opportunity, etc. are willing but reluctant subjects. They just want a headshot photographer who knows what to do to bring out their best and make it easy for them. Without taking up their day.

I couldn’t relate more myself. If there’s one that really pisses me off, it’s someone or something that complicates what should be a simple process. Not a daunting task. Automated phone systems and online forms should be simple without a bunch of prompts. If I call to order a pizza, I don’t want to wait on hold forever and then get someone who doesn’t know prices, or makes a 2 minute call (maximum) into an exhausting project. I operate on the premise of problem solving and simplicity. That’s what keeps people coming back for quick headshots in Nashville.