One Winter morning, I checked my email as usual, and I thought this one particular email was a joke or a spoof. It was from a book publishing company asking me to write books for them. Particularly about abandoned building adventures in their America Through Time series. I never thought on that day, that less than 8 months later, I’d be making a published Nashville book author press release today, about myself especially!

abandoned tennessee

As many of you know, my artistic passion and creative outlet is photographing abandoned buildings and homes. Particularly for the character, texture, and overall stories they tell. I post this work on my fine art website, as this website is targeted for client work such as weddings, lifestyle, and headshots.  My personal projects would seem a bit random on this website, but this is a huge milestone in my life and career that I wanted to share with everyone. These abandoned missions do indeed inspire me when I do my work for clients.

abandoned tennessee

I spoke with the publisher and researched the company, I even had a lawyer review the publishing contract. I talked to the publisher in the London office of Fonthill Media and explained to him I’ve never authored anything except the blogs they found. He assured me that if they didn’t like my writing style and narration of the adventures I was on, and my photos, they wouldn’t have contacted me. I worked closely with Jay in the London office, and Kena in the U.S. office, and finally put the first two books together! They wanted them state specific, so there will be more as I finish states I started.

Here are my current books now available and how to purchase!

Abandoned Tennessee 


Abandoned Kentucky 

I will also be doing book signing events, and can offer a certain number of signed copies that I ship directly to the buyer. It was a tedious and exhausting process getting the manuscript organized, with a lot of help from the publishing company! But the main focus was writing about each detail and each adventure, the passion and inspiration would roll off my tongue. In fact, in my recent trip to the UK, I met Jay Slater with Fonthill Media, which was amazing! More details in the next article! Sometimes you never know the opportunities that lie ahead, even if unlikely. I appreciate everyones’ support and believing in me. I’m now a published book author, to go down in history at the Library Of Congress and everything!

abandoned tennessee

I hope you’ve enjoyed this official Published Nashville book author press release!