Thankfully, the popularity of proposal photography sessions have grown wildly, and are a great pleasure for me to document. This is a milestone event in a couple’s life. It’s a particularly crafty knowing the person proposing has to orchestrate the plan, and carry it out without their partner knowing. Much like critical moments on a wedding day, these are not moments you can miss when you’re hired to document them, It’s once in a lifetime.

Nashville proposal

How does it work when securing me for proposal photography sessions? I take the worry out of the equation. Many of my couples are tourists visiting Nashville, and some don’t know the ideal place. Some have a place in mind, which is fine too. I am in contact with the future bride or groom planning the photoshoot, and help personalize the experience by helping advise on location / logistics. Lots of text messaging. Also, my knowledge of Nashville proves to be valuable to visiting couples and gives an inside perspective to impress their partners with. Our secret.

Once we coordinate a spot and exchange selfies, I stand in position and blend in with the scenery. My goal as a photojournalist is to only be spotted when introduced and document the true event with real human emotion. To complete that chapter of their story, I sometimes capture the journey to their next destination. Posed photos? I’m not a fan. Nor do I draw out the shoot, because the couple is in shock and in complete bliss at that moment. Brevity, unadulterated human interaction, and love complete the story. Friendship and sharing an exciting experience also makes the process rewarding. Reach out to schedule your proposal coverage.