Every couple planning a wedding will experience this. You search for venues, DJ’s, wedding photographers, officiants, cake bakers, etc. You narrow down your search and finally select the right fit for you. Then what? More than likely, the candidates that spent time talking with you will send follow up emails or do follow up calls or text messages. Maybe you  aren’t sure how to politely decline wedding vendors you decided not to hire. The big question comes to mind, do I have to respond and let them know I am hiring a different provider?

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The short answer, yes, you really should. If they spent time with you and took an interest in you, it’s only common decency. It doesn’t have to be difficult or confrontational. It can be something as simple as this.

Hi, _________________


Thank you for taking time to talk with us about your services. This was not an easy decision but we have decided to go a different direction. I did want to let you know so you can open my date back up for a different couple. Thank you again, have a great rest of the day.


That wasn’t so difficult. That does two things. It allows the vendor to move on and find a couple interested in their services. It’s common courtesy for someone who wanted to help you. Also, it stops follow up emails from that person, since their services are no longer needed.

People get overwhelmed and forgetful, so service providers are trained to follow up. That doesn’t condone blowing up an inbox or phone. It’s much nicer to know, rather than assume potential clients aren’t interested when they ghost. If you don’t build a personal connection with a provider and they stop following up, at that point it’s perfectly ok to let sleeping dogs lie. If they’re actively following up, letting them know only helps both of you. It takes just as long to complain about too many emails as it does to notify them. That’s how to politely decline wedding vendors. From there, you owe them no other explanation.