While at the Fujifilm conference in Bath, UK, I learned about the Smart Slides program, for easy to make digital photo slideshows. I’ve been using iPhotos app on my Mac which also works. But the problem I always ran into, what music works for what wedding? I’d spend what seemed like an hour searching iTunes for the right song to buy. Then it seemed my slideshows were too long. I like a good selection of highlights of the event that tell a collective story, not to the point of redundancy however. I had only been offering digital slideshows for maybe two years, and my skills have improved some. But I was looking for other solutions. Now a month into using Smart Slides, I will provide my Pixellu Smart Slides review. Take it for what it’s worth. Here’s a sample slideshow from a recent wedding.

One thing about the Smart Slides program, it’s easy to use, and support is helpful. There is even a users group on Facebook.  I’ve found that helpful. The other SUPER cool thing is music beat matching! If you watch the above slideshow, and follow the beat of the music, the photo transitions into the next at every other beat. The kicker is, you must use a specific amount of photos to enable beat matching with each song. Some have options of faster or slower tempo depending on the song. That’s my favorite thing about the program! Plus, 2-3 minutes is perfect. My previous 5 minute slideshows are harder to keep viewers’ attention. They host your slideshows and you can download them as well. Here’a another short and sweet slideshow from a recent lifestyle photoshoot, turned surprise proposal!

Overall synopsis of my Pixellu Smart Slides review-

I love it! My only complain, which the staff and ownership know about, they need better music selection. I’m confident they will be addressing this, as it’s a commonly discussed topic in the users group. Any questions or comments, ask away.