As seen in my past article about Pixellu’s sister program, Smart Slides, this is my Pixellu Smart Albums review. What is Smart Albums?  It’s brilliant, that’s all you need to know, lol. It’s a program that enables wedding photographers, and even portrait / lifestyle photographers to easily design their own albums. My first thought when being told about it, I’m a photographer, not a designer at all. Like, as in, I have no idea where to start designing my own albums, at all. Well, Smart Albums changed the game for me.

smart albums

I buy my albums from Kiss Books. I was having their designers do design for me, and I request revisions. Mainly because I could stick to what I do best, and leave the design to someone used to doing it. It cost me $49.00 a pop which isn’t bad. But it took me more time to ask them to not crop an image oddly or anything else that wasn’t to my liking. I could view the design and make comments, and that process helped me know what I wanted and what I didn’t in an album design. I tried Smart Albums, but I had no doubts that I’d find it saved me time. My very first one, I designed in less than an hour. Even after playing with all the different combinations or spread design.

Pixellu Smart Albums review

These are screen caps from a client album design. I used to make album photo suggestions by making a dedicated folder online and letting the client review, and request substitutions. Which in reality, is not a difficult process if they take time to look. But seeing the photos I suggest in form of an album design, it helps couples visualize the final result. Within the link the client views, there’s cloud proofing where they can make comments. In this design, the customer requested two photos be removed, and I picked a couple different ones to add. They approved the design. Easy peasy. Smart Albums gives me the control I need for my brand, and saves me time and money in the end. Nothing negative to add. They also have a Facebook users group.

Once the client approves the design, I export the spreads and upload them to the album company. The program knows the bleed lines of each album company, you select that and size when you begin the project. My only worry was that clients would nitpick the design. I want them to focus on photo content. Mainly because of bleed lines, and page utilization, I have to use my best judgment and use an effective amount of photos per spread average. I explain this going in and it’s all good. Bravo Pixellu! I hope this Pixellu Smart Albums review has been helpful. Comment or ask if there is anything to ask or add.