I know many engaged couples struggle with find the right fit with their wedding vendors such as the right style of wedding photographer. Style of the photographer is something many couples never know exists or think about enough before comparing. I’m here to show you what my own clients say when seeking my services for photojournalist wedding photography. Also known as documentary style.

What clients truly looking for photojournalist wedding photography would tell me when inquiring-

-I want a wedding photographer who needs little or no direction and knows how to tell a story naturally.

-My future husband / or I hate posing for photos, and I like how you capture people in a natural way and the people are so full of life. That’s what we want.

-I was a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding and the wedding photographer took forever to do the group formal photos. It became really annoying. I don’t want that experience at my wedding. I don’t want to be late for dinner or miss out on time with guests, or keep them waiting.

-I do want some of the group photos mainly to appease our parents but don’t want to spend much time on those.

-Of course I do want some photos of the details and decor, as it took work to do. The primary focus I’d want should be on our friends, family, and us.

-We definitely want great photos, but don’t want the photographer or video person to take over or be disruptive to the event and the guests.

When couples come to me with anything like the above, that’s how I know I am a good fit for their needs. I understand photojournalist wedding photography isn’t for everyone. If their concern is more about the styled aspect of the event and multiple photographers / ungodly amounts of photos, I’m not the right fit. The documentary approach is simplified, non-intrusive, and low maintenance. If raw human emotion and an un-posed feel are the primary desires of a couple, this approach is for you.

I have to point these things out as a helpful resource. The photojournalist style term has become a buzz word of sorts. And the definition has become watered down. It doesn’t mean every style mixed in with some candids at the reception. It’s a thought process and a way of capturing your day that stays consistent. I’m one of the few Nashville wedding photographers offering true documentary wedding photography. If this interests you and you would like more info, please drop a line!