I’m a firm believer in doing photography for fun, in between busy seasons and just exploring with my camera. What led me to this topic,? I was sitting at a table at a wedding industry mixer recently talking with a fellow Nashville wedding photographer, the topic came up. He said he only shoots professionally and does no leisure photography at all, even during lull times in his wedding photography season. I kept my expression as unreadable as possible, but part of me doubted that was possible. But we’re all different.

Why does this seem unusual or far fetched to me, or even a bad idea? Musicians always practice. Professional athletes stretch, train, and practice. A photographer who doesn’t feed their inspiration could be akin to an out of shape athlete. Or an out of tune musician. I know we have to do this as time allows. But every excursion I go on, whether street photography or abandoned building photography, inspires my professional work.

Oxford England street photography

Photography for fun is practice for the no do-over events we love doing, and is food for the creative soul. If we love doing it, it’s not a task, but an inspirational exercise that we need to keep us sharpened.