As my studio is back up and running and I’m reemerging in the market for Nashville corporate headshots, I had the recent pleasure of doing some business headshots for the Nashville office of  Gulf State Engineering.

Nashville corporate headshots

My entire setup including portable high-key background and studio lighting is portable, though it requires an open space with ample ceiling height to operate on-site. I set up at their Nashville office to do the first few employees, mostly recent hires. As others became available to get their headshots done, they came to my studio for a brief session. I then completed the finishing and uploading to the client gallery and they were ready to go the next day. Easy and efficient, as it should be. Not everyone wants to get their photos taken, so that’s why I like to keep it fun and light, and as brief as possible. It’s an easy experience for them and it enables me to provide the end product in short order. In the end, everyone gets the end product they need. If you need a new headshot for a new job, applying for a new job or career, or any other reason, let’s talk.

Nashville headshots