There are so many sources of information for engaged couples planning their weddings, and a few of them may even have accurate information. There are also far more choices out there, as far as styles and vendor selection, particularly wedding photographers. The most overlooked wedding photographer factor is how different one can be from the other. Finding the right photographer match take research and effort, but you get out what you put in.

What do I mean specifically? In the past, when I participated in wedding shows, I met many couples and I would usually ask them what is most important to them, in regards to their wedding photos, and what experience they wish to have with their wedding photographer. I usually got a deer in the headlights look in return, but some, it got them thinking. Which was the whole object. I’m a niche style of wedding photographer, being documentary style, so obviously I am after a certain couple. For a couple wanting something different, it does no good for either side to sell myself if it’s not a match.

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This is not a one size fits all, unless you just want generic wedding photos from the best person you can afford. Once a wedding photographer is established, what they use for portfolio material is a representation of what they specialize in. It wouldn’t be logical for a couple to hire me for the photojournalist style I’m known for and then try to turn me into a Pinterest photographer.

The couple who would hire me wants their story told and doesn’t want to have to think about it. They want a non-intrusive experience and a natural element to human interaction in the photos. If a couple wants a lot of directed / posed photos or someone to orchestrate, I’m not the photographer for them. If that couple wants the photographer to disappear with them for an hour to do posed photos, I’m not the right choice. but there are plenty who are. For my type of couple, I need creative freedom and I will tell their story. The whole point is, it pays to be aware that we’re all different. Just like venues not all being the same. The most overlooked wedding photographer factor doesn’t have to be overlooked any longer. Let their portfolios be your starting guide. Vetting is a two way street.