This is one of those questions that is sometimes asked, because some don’t know what else to ask to break the ice with a potential wedding photographer. How many wedding pictures should I expect to get back from my wedding photographer? It seems like a logical question to ask. But, from an inside perspective, I will show you why it’s a moot point and has nothing to do with the overall value of your wedding photos.

To better address the question of how many wedding pictures is the standard, it varies. There are different styles and approaches of wedding photographers as I’ve discussed a lot. Some are quick on the draw and others like me watch for the moments and shoot what I feel happening, not just what I see. That will mean a lower image count than a runner and gunner, especially if there are two of them. I average 350-500 delivered for a wedding. But they’re well thought out and placed. I see no value in excessive redundancy or heaps of the same thing photographed 167 times. Some insist that those running around all day and delivering 2000 plus mean more value.

You don’t need 2000 wedding photos. If you love the work of that photographer, it’s all good. But just because someone offers a greater quantity of photos doesn’t equate value. Would you call a 4 star restaurant and compare how much food you get there vs. a buffet? No. Is the quality of the food the same? Usually not. At least with that as the standard. Every photographer has a different system. Their work should matter MUCH more than the promise of a lot of photos. Let’s do some math.

-Your grandparents and parents may have gotten 6-8 rolls of film shot at their wedding….so 200 photos max. Yet, you still love looking at their wedding photos. Just because technology is there, doesn’t make overkill valuable.

-The average album gets 70-125 or so photos in them, so if you get 200, 300, or 400 more besides that, why wouldn’t that be enough if they’re well scouted? What would you do with thousands of photos? Have you sat and looked through that many photos before? I promise, it would be exhausting. I have worked as a photo editor and I haven’t even done that. I could also promise there would be lots of redundancy. This is why I’m telling you that the question of how many wedding pictures on it’s own merit is a moot factor.