Before and after the Covid-19 pandemic started, I’ve always believed in keeping things real. Many people cannot see friends and family, and miss the little things we have all taken for granted. This only solidifies my strong belief in my style of documentary wedding photography. Real human emotion and interaction can’t be replaced by staged moments or detail heavy work. I love pretty surroundings and the talent it took to create it, and even photographing it. Though the people, and nothing else tells the true story of the day.
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What I do isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine with me. I’m looking for clients who value real moments documented that collectively form a story, all with a non-intrusive presence. I suspect that dealing with isolation could make this approach popular. I’m not trying to be everything to everyone, but to do what I do best. I don’t water it down either as my work would lose potency.

When hiring a creative artist, there should be a connection between them and the couple; the couple knows that their approach and systems will work for them. If a couple feels the need to micromanage the photographer, they’re hiring the wrong one. I love to accommodate my clients, though the premise of what I do should be what they want if they’re hiring me. With a niche stye like my photojournalist approach to photographing weddings, I don’t work well if placed on a leash or being micromanaged. Besides, why would anyone invest in a pro photographer and feel that they have to place that burden on themselves? It makes no sense.

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Of course weddings are made up of baseline moments that I always capture. Everything else I use as free reign to watch for the richest moments, and tell a story through those. Of course I do some group photos for the couple. The reason most would hire me is if they want to enjoy their day and not have to think about it. There are plenty of photographers who work better as order takers. But in the end, if the photographer doesn’t match the couple’s vision, is anyone happy? Now is the time especially for keeping things real and hiring your best photographer match so that your day is a dream, and not a task.