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Wedding industry professionals

As a professional wedding photographer, it’s smart to stay with the times and stay relevant. To me, that means keeping a relevant brand, website, marketing materials, and always having current work and sample albums to show. Even following social media and communication trends and using that to relate to my audience. I enjoy keeping things fresh and learning the psychology, in both my work and communicating with my audience. Also, establishing relationships and networking with other wedding industry professionals could be beneficial.

bridal hair and makeup

I’m not a natural with networking events, but I’ve challenged myself to branch out and meet people. In fact, I’ve attended wedding industry mixers and events, open houses, etc. for about 7 years now. There is value to that. I just don’t know if wedding industry functions are still for me. I mean, you have to do something to keep your face out there if you’re a wedding professional, in my case a wedding photographer. Lately, I’ve felt as though it’s forced and I’m questioning everything.

Over the years, with wedding industry events and mixers, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. Usually the ones that come in with the most noise and build hype are the first to go. I’ve met a lot of great wedding pros and I’m grateful for the connections I do have. I always will be, I value relationships and connections. I do not value the superficial and the cliques, which is how it can sometimes feel. Everyone’s experience with these things will be different. It is what you make it. It also depends where you are at in your career and how many are likeminded and common passions. The latter point is where I am coming up empty lately.

documentary wedding

I’m not saying this is wrong, but so many wedding industry professionals are inundated with style and trends. For many vendor types, that’s their job, especially if they are providing decor or other visual services. These trends and styles, and overall image of a person seem to be bringing people together, more so than talent and ability. This is where I feel like a pink elephant. Everyone sees weddings differently.  For me, it’s about the personal aspects. The human interaction, telling the story about the couples’ lives and their day. Sure, I do photograph the flowers and table settings, but that’s not the focal point of my wedding photography. Trends are trends, people and their memories are forever relevant.

What I offer is a niche style of wedding photography, but it’s perfect for couples looking for documentation of their day without orchestration and time away from their event. Not a trend. It’s timeless, and therefore, I can’t fake interest in cosmetic trends. This seems to be the disconnect between me and many other wedding industry professionals. Not hostility or anything, just a missing common link.

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I love servicing weddings and storytelling, and offering a unique signature style and experience to my couples. Lately, events for wedding industry professionals are falling flat for me. I’ve met great people, and trusted professional colleagues. More of that happens from working events rather than being a “face” at mixers. That’s the thing. I’m not a face. I like to visit and mingle, but I’m always going to be the wedding photographer that is recognized as having talent, but is different. As in, not one of them. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s just fine. But I’m not out to impress them with words or image. I bring it every time when I work a wedding, that is all that should impress anyone.

Isn’t different good? I think so, although not for everyone. Do you want to be ideal for everyone? Is that possible. I think not. It’s not about closing doors, but opening new ones.

Corporate headshots in Nashville

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of doing some individual headshots in studio as well as other corporate headshots in Nashville for their businesses. The advantage for any business or corporate professional having professional headshots is having a better representation of yourself. A skilled headshot photographer uses proper lighting and composition / positioning to bring out confidence and polish of each subject.

These are for a relatively new law firm in Nashville, Brazil Clark PLLC with an office in Berry Hill. I truly enjoyed working with them and helping them get professional imagery for their new website and social media pages. The key for them is looking confident, strong, vibrant, and compassionate all in one. Hard balance, but I hope we did that with their headshots. It never hurts to have attorney friends, and I hope to help bring these super ladies and gentlemen some business.

Headshots Nashville

Headshots Nashville

Headshots Nashville

Headshots Nashville

Headshots Nashville


It doesn’t end there. I have met and served different walks of life, from compaby CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals applying for new jobs or for their new business ventures. I’m always eager to meet and capture new faces, helping prepare them to shine as they’re intended.

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Nashville headshots

headshots nashville



Don’t do a cell phone snap or have a friend with a camera do your professional headshot. You’ve invested in your education, appearance, and worked hard to get where you are. This is where you need a strong representation to sell you. To sell your company or your abilities to others. When would you like to get in? You can trust me as your provider for corporate headshots in Nashville.

How to politely decline wedding vendors

Every couple planning a wedding will experience this. You search for venues, DJ’s, wedding photographers, officiants, cake bakers, etc. You narrow down your search and finally select the right fit for you. Then what? More than likely, the candidates that spent time talking with you will send follow up emails or do follow up calls or text messages. Maybe you  aren’t sure how to politely decline wedding vendors you decided not to hire. The big question comes to mind, do I have to respond and let them know I am hiring a different provider?

12th south band

The short answer, yes, you really should. If they spent time with you and took an interest in you, it’s only common decency. It doesn’t have to be difficult or confrontational. It can be something as simple as this.

Hi, _________________


Thank you for taking time to talk with us about your services. This was not an easy decision but we have decided to go a different direction. I did want to let you know so you can open my date back up for a different couple. Thank you again, have a great rest of the day.


That wasn’t so difficult. That does two things. It allows the vendor to move on and find a couple interested in their services. It’s common courtesy for someone who wanted to help you. Also, it stops follow up emails from that person, since their services are no longer needed.

People get overwhelmed and forgetful, so service providers are trained to follow up. That doesn’t condone blowing up an inbox or phone. It’s much nicer to know, rather than assume potential clients aren’t interested when they ghost. If you don’t build a personal connection with a provider and they stop following up, at that point it’s perfectly ok to let sleeping dogs lie. If they’re actively following up, letting them know only helps both of you. It takes just as long to complain about too many emails as it does to notify them. That’s how to politely decline wedding vendors. From there, you owe them no other explanation.


Nashville wedding venues | The Cordelle

This blog feature is for The Cordelle, located in the heart of Downtown Nashville on Rutledge Hill. The Cordelle is a bit of a rare find, as it’s a historic late 1800’s Victorian era venue with a lot of space inside and out. The venue is walkable from anywhere in the downtown area, which is great if guests are staying in the area. This charming venue has become one of my favorite downtown Nashville wedding venues. It retains it’s historic feel and look, but boasts modern vintage features and amenities. Here are some photos from a Christmas time wedding I photographed there, with more info to come.

Nashville wedding venues

I love this arched doorway!

Nashville wedding venues

Nashville wedding venues

The venue staff are very hospitable and keep a low profile at the event. They take necessary precautions to protect the integrity of the historic space, and do a great job maintaining it. So much about this venue that makes it so well rounded and full of character. The original brick walls with such interesting texture and patina, lovely wood floors, finished modern loft, and open floor plan.

Nashville wedding venues

A view from downstairs of the upstairs loft.

Nashville wedding venues

Here is what the loft room looks like. It was used as changing quarters pre-wedding. A beautiful harmony between vintage and modern.

Nashville wedding venues

The Cordelle

The outdoor courtyard is nicely manicured and lovely. It seats 300 for outdoor ceremonies. Being just far enough from Broadway,  it’s surprisingly quiet for being in the heart of the city. The wall behind the venue and tree line helps cancel out noise from Interstate 40 behind it. With the sun behind it at midday, my outdoor photos can’t do this garden area proper justice, but you get the idea.

The Cordelle

The indoor venue space seats up to 175.

Nashville wedding venues

Another feature of the loft room.

The Cordelle

The Cordelle

The Cordelle

I hope you will schedule your tour today and meet the nice ladies at The Cordelle, one of the nicest and most elegant yet comfortable Nashville wedding venues. They host all kinds of events.

Premier Catering | Nashville and Lebanon wedding and event caterers

This local business spotlight is about Premier Catering, owned and operated by my pal, chef Aaron Hudlow. He is based in Mt. Juliet, TN. and serves events / weddings in Nashville and the middle Tennessee area. Aaron provided some information about his business, serving methods, and tips for engaged couples planning a wedding. Especially how to hire the right wedding and event caterer.

Premier Catering

-A quick bio on me is:  I’m the chef-owner of Premier Catering in Mt. Juliet, I’m a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, NY. My resume includes The Inn at Blackberry Farm, The Biltmore Estate and The Grove Park Inn among others.  We recently celebrated our second year in business at Premier and growing.

-If I had to pick a signature menu it would be:

-Strawberry Fields with Baby Spinach, Candied Spiced Pecans, Red Onion, Watermelon Radish and Poppy Seed Vinaigrette.

-12 Hour Beef with Cabernet-Thyme Demi Glace, Scalloped Potatoes with Rosemary and Asiago , Jack and Ginger Glazed Carrots with Shallots

Premier Catering

Premier can accommodate buffet, family style or formal plated service.  We generally see more buffets requested by brides.  Be aware that staffing and rental  costs will increase for family style or plated meals.

Nashville caterers

How to find the right caterer for your wedding or event – There are many choices with Nashville and Lebanon wedding and event caterers.

-My advice would be to set up a taster with a few different caterers to see which one matches the vision you have for your big day and to make sure you are comparing apples to apples in regard to taste and food quality.

Also, catering will probably be your second biggest expense when it comes to your budget. Be cautious of the lowest bidder and ask questions such as, is staffing  and service charge included in a caterers quote.

-Premier Catering is happy to provide more advice, just give us a call!


Or visit the website