How to Cope With Wedding Stress

At Jay Farrell Photography, our goal is to ensure you get the best wedding photos on your special day. The team over at Hers works hard to make women feel confident in themselves every day. The below post is contributed and written by Hers to offer tips and tricks on how to cope with wedding stress.

It’s not shocking that planning a huge life event, like a wedding, can become extremely stressful. The engagement period can be a very fun time, but quickly turn into fielding a million questions about all of the wedding details to come. It’s important to not let the stress of your wedding consume your life because the whole point of this ceremony is to celebrate your love. Below are some of our best tips and tricks on coping with stress when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed throughout the wedding planning journey.

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You don’t want to lose sleep over the small details of your wedding. It’s likely that these details will not make or break your day. Compile a prioritized checklist for the important wedding details, like finding a caterer, photographer, and music option. When you prioritize the list of what you need to get done, you’ll feel less stressed and more accomplished. Consider planning out your tasks week-by-week in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed or setting unrealistic expectations, which in turn could cause you to feel even more stressed.

Make time for self care

Exhaustion, breakouts, and irritability are all tell tale signs that you’re pushing your stress level to the maximum. Make time to take care of yourself and to relax each and every day. Spend a night binge watching your favorite show or go to that yoga class that you’re already paying for. Some days you’ll have less free time than others, but you can still fit in some self care practices in. Even something as simple as maintaining your nightly skin care routine by washing your face and putting an acne cream on, it’s still a form of self care.

Tennessee wedding

Don’t forget to still date your partner

Your engagement period is not the time to let the romance die down. Continue to have date nights with your partner and keep the spark alive. Just because you’re on a tighter budget now doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun and romantic dates. Have a date night in with take out and your favorite movie, or maybe walk around town and get a coffee. This will help you deal with the stress of planning a wedding and also remind you of the bigger picture.

Delegate. Delegate. Oh, and delegate.

Convincing yourself that you’re able to handle all of the big wedding planning details or that you even need to is only going to overwhelm you. Your partner, wedding party, family and friends are all there for you to help. Kindly ask them to help with running errands or planning specific details to take off some of the pressure to get everything done. Dividing and conquering is definitely the way to go.