Many people have asked me the question “how often to update your headshot?” I have some thoughts on that, and in many cases the answer depends. I recall one client asking me to find his headshots, as he lost the files. I asked him how long ago. Wait for it. Four years ago! Buddy, at that point, you need a new one. Even if you don’t look much different. having a different shirt or different colors in the headshot can attract the attention of your audience. I make it a quick and painless process to get a new headshot. Nothing to be afraid of. 🙂

-When your look or hairstyle changes

For obvious reasons, this is an important time to update your headshot. It creates a full disclosure, and helps your audience recognize you.

-When your job or career changes

Here’s to new beginnings. Why would you want to use a headshot from your past life or identity when embarking on a new journey? Besides, the overall vibe may need to change, to better suit your new opportunity. For example, maybe add a jacket or tie, subtract the formalities and go with casual dress, or switch between an outdoor or studio look for your headshot. All based on your needs.

-Under normal circumstances-

Under normal circumstances where your looks don’t change drastically from one month to the next, or your career is stable, less frequent updating is fine. I think every two years or so is perfectly acceptable. Changes can be subtle. Maybe a different blouse, etc. Or a red tie instead of a blue one, or vice versa, or different shirt. There’s no need to do it too often, but in that timeframe, a change can be a breath of fresh air and avoid complacency,

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