Many people view hiring a creative artist as a service like having their gutters cleaned. When they hire an artist they don’t always realize they can’t have the same expectations. Artists have a process, style, and vision unique to themselves. Which is why they should be hiring that person, not because they want something different. This could be said if a paint artist is being commissioned, or if you’re hiring a photographer, sculptor, or any other creative artist. I mainly speak about photography, since that’s where my expertise lies, and the industry in which I work. I can understand that for example, engaged couples hiring a wedding photographer have access to Pinterest and other inspirations, and countless sources of information (or misinformation) online; it’s a lot to process.

The couple hires a team of vendors; the cake maker, officiant, hair and makeup, caterer, photographer, etc. All of which are artists in their own right. It’s easy to confuse hired help and creative artists. Of course the client needs to be diligent in the hiring process and hire the photographer, etc. that aligns with their vision, and has a vision and process they trust. There is certainly nothing wrong with project management, but when you treat an artist like hired help and micromanage them, you’re missing the true point of their unique work. You know, the whole reason you hired them. Hiring a photographer / artist with a specific vision and telling them what to do defeats the purpose, especially if it doesn’t fit the style of that photographer. As long as the people you hire are doing their job, and you went into the deal on the same page; leave them alone and don’t micromanage. It also helps to understand that guests / family with a different expectation isn’t necessarily entitled to have access to these hired artists. For example, their personal family photos while the photographer is capturing the event, requesting a song from the DJ as if it’s a radio station in the 1980’s, etc.

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