Holy guacamole, it’s been a crazy past 3 and a half months, dealing with storm damage to my studio / detached garage from the December tornado, and reconstruction. My neighbor’s tree was uprooted in the storm, and sawed through the building like a hot knife through a stick of butter. At first I thought, ok, at least it’s his tree, his insurance. Wrong. Unless the tree was dead, it’s an act of God and his responsibility ends at his property line. Good thing I switched to Erie Insurance who handled the claim so awesomely. First, waiting on the building permit. Then securing a contractor, waiting on roofing trusses, and a construction dumpster, then rebuild mode. I’m happy to report that now I am rebuilt and lighting etc. is set up. I have a studio again! Anyone in need of headshots in Nashville, come see my new to me studio space and let me help you get that new career, promotion, or updated look to your headshot.

I’m excited to regain my headshot business, that I’ve still done in limited capacity and on location, though this adds convenience! I have improved climate control as well now! Hopefully we are turning a corner with the Covid-19 pandemic; though I am still practicing safe protocol. Touchless entry and electronic proofing and payment are still available. Everything has gone up around us, including gasoline. Though single look headshots still start at just $125.00 here. Are you ready for your headshots in Nashville? Look no further and come see my new space. Here is my last client in the studio before the storm. Below that is a brief video tour of the remodel before I moved equipment in.

Nashville headshot