I operated as safely and responsibly as possible throughout most of the Covid-19 pandemic, as required by CDC and local health ordinances. Though the headshot business was relatively slow. I am happy now as we recover and life gets back to how we know it ( notice I didn’t say new normal, you’re welcome) that there is once again an uptick in headshots. Headshots in Nashville are back, and I am offering my services to help people get out of toxic jobs and into new ones; even new careers. Depending on the vibe or purpose of the headshot, I can do an outdoor / ambient vibe or in studio with professional and flattering lighting. Now once again I can give clients the option of proofing in-person or electronically. Same with payment. The process is brief. There’s no need to take up peoples’ valuable time, this is two professionals at work, not a practice run. Here are a couple recent headshots, so when would you like me to do yours?

Nashville headshot

headshot Nashville

Headshots in Nashville are back, be next. 🙂