When you’re looking for the best professional headshot photographer, it’s important that they are able / qualified to do the right headshots for your branding. For example, the vibe and vision of your company, how you want the headshots to present, how you want them to convey the people in your organization.Sometimes I help advise on wardrobe, setting (studio, ambient on location, or outdoors for a more casual vibe) and other times the company has that vision and unique branding true to them. One of my return commercial clients started with a common thread with their headshots for their employees and executives; a brick wall being used as the background. Also dark blue suit jackets with a white shirt, for consistency.

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When I took over as their headshot photographer, my goal was to preserve that look, but add my own twist to it with lighting and composition, etc. To redo them all at once and start fresh would be difficult for them, as they stay busy and travel for their work. It helps them if we continue that look, and do them as needed. All good for them and it’s good repeat business for me. Is it time for new headshots for you?