Most everyday people don’t think they are photogenic, though everyone can be, if they are photographed when they don’t expect it, or while in their element. What about headshots for camera shy people? That describes a good portion of professionals who need headshots done. People of all different walks of life feel this way. If you’re one of them, you’re in good company. I will tell you how I work through a headshot session with the more reserved.

That was an on-site headshot photoshoot for very busy local financial advisors. None of them particularly like camera time, but did well, because they knew they needed them. Also, I made it easy for them. I find it helps loosen people up when I talk with them for a moment about what they do, and quickly figure out the best angle and lighting for them. Not every face is the same. Not dragging it out seems to be the key. I’m ALWAYS getting compliments from headshot clients about how quick, easy, and painless their session was. Which is great, because that’s the experience I’d want.

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Carefully but quickly selecting an angle and height to shoot from, as well as lighting to fit each unique subject helps efficiency and overall confidence level of the headshot subject. Trained models are fine with several hundred frames and hours of photos, but you can’t do that to everyday, busy people who don’t think they’re photogenic. That only wastes their time, when they need just one keeper or just a few, and exhausts them. Efficiency, brevity, and strategy are the secrets to success for doing headshots for camera shy people.