It’s extremely rare that I ever read any solicitation emails from service providers I don’t know or have not used before. But one day I got curious, I saw an email about custom whiteboard videos and animated cartoon videos. The light bulb went on, how about a fun animated wedding photographer video? I had considered putting a short video on my website because many people love them. Also it’s a way to get info without having to read through multiple pages. So I looked at their website and sample videos.

Whiteboard was cool, but more instructional than what I needed. That’s basically things being written and illustrated on a whiteboard. I liked the idea of a fun custom cartoon video, because who doesn’t love cartoons? My style of wedding photography can be viewed as more utilitarian as opposed to bright and airy and Pinterest inspired. For that reason, I thought this fun animated wedding photographer video could be a good tool to sell my approach to those looking for info. It’s a fun, light, and brief way to simplify the understanding of the process.

I spoke with Julian, my contact person, and I gave him my vision for the project and went over a bunch of details. Then we went over words for his voice over person to use. He hit the nail on the head. The cartoon me even sortof looks like me, LOL! I’d love to get your thoughts on this new video, it’s now on my website as well. I thought it was a good idea because no one has anything like it. It’s fun, informative, and brief, well under a minute. Maybe Cartoon Network will hunt me down and try to make a Jay Farrell Photography cartoon. One step at a time. But I’m happy if it only helps and entertains prospective clients.