For the better part of two decades, in two different locations, I have walked through the doors of Dury’s camera shop countless times, getting supplied with gear I needed. I loved the experience of talking to knowledgeable staff and putting my hands on the cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment i’ve purchased there over the years. I’ve made friends with several of the employees, and thankfully I had the experience that unfortunately, the next generation of photographers won’t know anything about. I will miss the banter, the Fuji days, sensor cleaning days, used camera days, and even the workshops. Dury’s opened in 1882, and although in recent years, manufacturer markup and inventory has been tough on local camera shops, the Covid-19 pandemic was the final nail in the coffin for them, and other business because of having to close for over two months. I never anticipated having to say farewell to Dury’s when I started this year off, but sadly, that’s where we are now.

Local shops are important because they’re made up of local families, and of course the reasons I stated above. Also, more than once, I needed something in short order before a photoshoot or wedding, and they were there for me. It wasn’t just a local business, but a community for creative artists. In recent years, consumer habits have changed, Change is inevitable. Though, quite honestly, it irritates me to no end when people act as if they’re sad to see a local business fold, when they’ve only bought from the 800 pound gorillas. Another low form of human life are those who use the expertise of the store and then buy online to save tax. Well, now we lost our only local camera shop. This is a clubbing blow to the area photography community, though Dury’s did announce in their closing statement, that Roberts Camera in Indianapolis is a partner retailer, and I plan on supporting them. It won’t be the same as walking into Dury’s, but I’m thankful to at least have another independent camera shop to support. Although I’m sad to say farewell to Dury’s, I’m grateful for the memories and friendships I’ll always have. Protect the small business. Support your scene or watch it die.