The different questions and misconceptions many may have about documentary  / photojournalist style wedding photography will be covered here! Let’s get started with some Documentary wedding photography FAQ’s!

In short, what is documentary wedding photography?

In it’s true sense, which is how I approach it, documentary style wedding photography is a natural, organic storytelling approach to wedding photography. It is primarily focused on human interaction, emotion, love,  energy and un-posed. I have a signature style of storytelling that remains cohesive and provides a non-intrusive experience for the couple and guests. In documentary wedding photography’s true sense, these moments are un-orchestrated by the photographer.

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What about decor and details? Don’t you capture those? –

Yes, absolutely! It’s part of the day and part of the story. Someone’s hard work went into all these details. I work efficiently and with purpose. With that being said, I’m not one to fixate on a specific detail or part of the event, for example, taking 63 different photos of a flower vase from different angles. The human interaction and people involved will always be the most important aspect of the day to me, as they should be for the couple as well. But, of course, the decor and details are part of my day, too!

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Don’t you do ANY posed or group photos? –

Yes. I understand that most couples and their families will at least want some group photos together. Typically, these are done in a fairly brief time as they are not the main focus of my work. However, setting aside time to do them is no problem. Having ample creative freedom is what enables me to do my best work and capture the raw emotion and interaction I am known for. I provide a good balance that works perfectly for the couple who wants documentary / candid coverage for a vast majority of the event. Here is a first look, which is un-posed but still an orchestrated part of the wedding day.

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Why do some photographers advertising photojournalist style not have similar work?-

I don’t know, LOL! The term, like many others, can certainly get watered down. Not everyone understands the true concept of the documentary approach, or offers a mix of everything depending on the part of the day. Without being dogmatic going into each event, I stay true to the documentary storytelling approach. Consistency with a signature style is what I believe packs the most punch and evokes emotion when viewing the photos. I’m not everything to everyone. American diners may have great breakfasts and burgers, but is their spaghetti usually memorable? Not so much. I go against the grain by using a signature approach that took me years to build, which makes up my brand. Not all photographers are comfortable with that. That’s why it’s good to create a perfect pairing.

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What kind of couples book you? –

Most of my couples want to enjoy their day and don’t want to be posed or directed throughout it, resulting in a non-intrusive experience. They like the natural feel of my photos and how I capture emotion and expression. My couples basically want to hire me and forget me, so they can genuinely enjoy their day together. They want the story told and don’t want to have to think about it. Of course, we go over the event details and timeline, but after that, they want me to use my ingenuity to document their day with the brand of photography they chose. Documentary style wedding photography defies a lot of human logic and what many wedding articles online condition people to believe. However, my system works beautifully and showcases the raw emotion of the couple’s memorable wedding day. Is it for every couple? No, but if this sounds like you, it could be!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these Documentary wedding photography FAQ’s. Any questions? Anything I didn’t answer? I’d love to hear from you!