We know planning and organizing a wedding is a long, involved process. Part of that process includes selecting the right vendors. The venue, wedding photographer, officiant, DJ, bridal shop, florist, caterer, the list goes on. Better results always happen when thorough researched decisions are made and you avoid rushed or emotional decisions. Naturally you don’t hire every vendor you speak with. It’s a process of collecting information, establishing a dialog, sometimes meeting with them, and narrowing your choices based on what is right for you. So, when is notification of declining wedding vendors services a courtesy? And when is it not necessary?

Declining wedding vendors services – when you should notify them

If you simply exchange an email or phone call or two to gather information and you decide it’s not a good fit for you, you don’t really owe them a notification. Why is a notification of declining wedding vendors services ever warranted? Most people understand it’s the polite thing to do. If they spend time with you helping you figure out the best service options for you, etc. and meet with you, there’s a personal connection established. People who want to help you and work with you. It’s a more personal situation than someone selling you a car. If you decide not to use their services, a brief email lets them know what is going on, and it prevents future follow up emails. Most appreciate the heads up, and everyone moves forward.

All you really need to say is something like this. It was really nice meeting with you / talking to you, we appreciate all your help and information. However, we wanted to let you know that we going with a different provider. I think it’s better to do this by email so that it’s less awkward and doesn’t put anyone on the spot. It’s a let down to spend time with someone and then they drop off the face of the earth. Think of it as good karma points, we all need that 🙂

Vendors response –

Any professional vendor would understand that this is a personal and difficult choice for the couple. If one badgers the couple, this is not ok, or the professional standard at all. I usually thank them for letting me know and wish them the best. Rarely do I have to ask them what led them to their decision. I can usually read between the lines based on our interaction. On occasion I have asked this, if I truly felt we were a perfect fit, (in a non-defensive way of course) and they’re usually gracious. A couple times, they’ve come back to me, so it always helps to part on good terms.