This nasty Coronavirus has ravaged society and all sizes of businesses, and turned our whole world upside down. Sadly, here we are, and I hope we can continue to work together as a society and let medical experts and scientists work to eradicate this virus. As things are slowly reopening, there are certain safety precautions that all businesses and individuals must take, so I thought I’d show my commitment by sharing my Covid-19 procedures.

In-person consultations-

In-person wedding client meetings are unfortunately suspended for an indefinite time period. I hate this, because I enjoy meeting with couples and getting to know them, as wedding photography is a very personal service. I also enjoy seeing people look through my sample albums and envision their own event. Those days will return again; however, in the meantime we can always set up a phone call or other electronic meet. Email is also perfectly safe and provides written reference. When the coast clears, I’ll buy the coffee or wine, and we can resume in-person consultations as desires.

Studio headshots and on-location shoots-

I’m here and happy to serve you. Covid-19 procedures change things a bit, but we are creative enough to work through this. I have always loved chatting with headshot clients who come to the studio, and shaking their hand. For now we have to err on the side of caution and keep safe social distance. Here are a few changes and plans to get through this.

-I will wear a mask for your safety. I’ll even offer you a bottled water.

-You can enjoy a brief contactless visit. You won’t even need to touch a doorknob. I can even leave the studio doors open. Yes, I’ve been cleaning and sanitizing the best I can too. I work a safe distance from you.

-Proofing and payment is done electronically before finals are electronically delivered. Proofing is sent out on the same business day. Finals are completed usually one business day from our session and payment completion. I don’t touch or have access to your cards.

-Cash is accepted, though electronic payment is preferred.

-Outdoor or on-location work, I will still use a mask and keep a safe distance. My equipment stays sanitized as well.

-We will get through this. Thank you for supporting a small local business.