You’ve seen me describe documentary wedding photography both here on my blog and website. Basically in a nutshell, photojournalist style wedding photography, fly on the wall candid feel. That describes my style of capture, but now I will give a few examples of client benefits with documentary wedding photography. A couple looking for a wedding photographer might see this, and wonder, what’s in it for us? Here are a few key points.

Natural feel to photos– True documentary style of wedding photography means the only orchestration is what the couple wants for group formal portraits. Those are done in limited capacity, so the flow is efficient. It’s human nature, most people aren’t crazy about being photographed, myself included. Most are good sports and do the best they can with photographers’ direction when doing the group photos or any other portraits. But most people, bride and groom party included don’t have the patience for 2 hours of photos. Getting through the groups efficiently keeps everyone fresh, and keeps the process fluid, prevents it from becoming tiring to them. That would show in the photos. With a documentary approach, photos done candidly are natural. Most people photograph like rock stars when in their natural element. Those moments happen best without setup. It’s storytelling through photographs.

More time to enjoy the party you are paying good money for- On average, I get through the group photos and couples photos in 45 minutes or so (Or less, depending on the preference of the couple) during cocktail hour, or before the ceremony after hair and makeup etc. are done. That keeps things moving and interesting. Also, not taking long periods of time to do this allows the couple to not miss dinner and the reception party that they paid for. I can’t even imagine the couple missing time with their guests on my account. That’s something any style of wedding photographer should be mindful of. More time spent on capturing the genuine fun moments and candid moments with guests allows a rich story to be told. That’s what I do best.

Non-intrusive to your day-

This pretty much says it all. I’m not in everyone’s hair, or ordering people around, moving them, posing them, etc. I am still working hard for you seeking out those amazing moments and the love that fills the day. This way, it doesn’t impose on your experience, or the guests. I’d love to sit down with you over a cup of tea and discuss with you and show you studio albums 🙂