Sometimes it can be a vicious cycle with the direction of company headshots. There are times where a certain look of headshot effectively fits the brand of a company and it’s best followed for the sake of consistency and brand recognition. In other cases, and this has happened with me; a company has a different photographer take over headshot duties from the previous, for whatever reason. Are they changing company headshots and retaining a similar look for the new photographer to continue? Or perhaps seek the direction of the photographer, new or existing, to simply update the look for something more fresh snd modern. The concern may be financial for the company as redoing all the previous headshots to keep the new trend consistent could be more time consuming and pricey.

This is a legitimate concern. It all varies with the direction of the company and when old headshots need to be redone. Every year or two years, everyone needs a new updated headshot. If changing looks can improve the image of the company, and represent the individual better, then it’s often a good idea to bite the bullet. In my case, if hired as the headshot photographer, the best way I could save the company money is to schedule a day to do the updated look for everyone. Volume discounts apply, as long as everyone shows up on time and anyone who misses is responsible for scheduling a different shoot. Then going forward, it’s an easy process, and everyone has a fresh new look that represents everyone and the organization better.

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