In 12 years of being an active wedding photographer, I’ve seen many changes in wedding photography, both locally and globally. In the earlier years, I’ve seen a lot of wedding photographers use their hipness as their marketing strategy, and perhaps it worked. It takes an art to become a local or internet sensation and build hype / buzz. All of our personalities are different, and whatever works is good. As long as a service provider is accurate and truthful.

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Of course I always did my best to increase my online and local presence, including social media, but I was never one to use hype. I’m not saying my way is better than anyone else’s, because we are all different. I have to build my business in such a way that suits my personality and style of work as a quiet documentary wedding photographer. One thing I do know, many of the people who came in making the most noise are nowhere to be found now.

There are more photographers, more social media influence, more style blogs where weddings are more about things. The wedding industry is more trendy. There are far more wedding related resources online than before, which seems to be the gospel to many shopping couples. Some are qualified to give advice, many are not, as I’ve seen many different articles being passed around. It’s up to us as photographers to show couples where we are different, and build a personal bond. More couples are becoming aware of different styles of wedding photographers (Thankfully) and many are paying for their own weddings so the wedding they want can be theirs without anyone else’s unwanted influence. Synopsis – Changes in wedding photography happen, as do changes all over the wedding industry. Being consistent and smart in business saves my own skin. Results vary.