No, this isn’t a joke. Thankfully, I was able to assemble this photo slideshow featuring my best of 2020 weddings. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic starting in early 2020, I was not sure what would happen with my 2020 dates or future bookings. Basically everything was shut down in March and April, maybe even May, if I remember correctly. Couples were rescheduling or restructuring their event. Bottom line, this year was down for me, but it ended up better than I thought at the beginning of the pandemic. The option was to reschedule with the future completely unknown, or let the party go on, just with Covid compliant procedures including reduced capacity, masks, and even zoom conferencing for remote guests. Shooting weddings was different this year, but we all remained adaptable, and the amount of love and energy was not sacrificed just because events were smaller in size. I won’t miss 2020, but the key is learning something from it, which I did. Congratulations and thank you 2020 couples. Months ago, I didn’t know this end of year best of 2020 weddings feature would even be possible.