Bridal shows / wedding expos have been around for a long time, and they serve two main purposes. To provide inspiration and resources to engaged couples, and for vendors to participate and meet these couples. But from the bride’s / couples’ perspective, are bridal shows worth attending? Let’s see if I can help. But prepare for some moderate honesty, lol!

bridal show booth

Benefits for couples attending bridal shows-

-Inspirations for their wedding, fashion shows and inspirations, food and cake tastings.

-Being able to meet all different types of vendors face to face and gather information.

-Taking advantage of vendor show specials. Many offer booking incentives to help protect their investment in their show booth. For this reason, any vendors you are in need of, research before the show on who will be there. That may help you use your time better.

-Meeting other engaged couples and enjoying the festivities.

Notice I didn’t say prizes and giveaways. Those who are ONLY there for that are wasting their own time and everyone else’s.

bridal show

Some common complaints about shows –

-Overwhelming- Ok. Do you visit every store when you go to the mall? Didn’t think so. Get what you need from it, forget the rest.

-Too many calls and emails – I don’t think you’re required to share your phone number. You can make this a lot easier by making info labels for when you visit vendor booths. Also set up a dedicated wedding email account on Gmail, it’s free.  I don’t condone vendors blowing people up, but logic should prevail here. We go to great expense to attend, and we are nervous too. We are excited to meet you and naturally want to earn your business. All you have to do is unsubscribe from people you don’t wish to follow.

End result, are bridal shows worth attending ? –

If in the planning stages, you need ideas,  and some vendors are still needed, I’d say yes.  Like anything, those with the right attitude can benefit. That doesn’t mean go in without keeping your wits about you, but closed minds don’t learn anything or benefit from different experiences. Try one and see for yourself, enjoy. 🙂