Yes! The time has come, not only am I a published author in my second year of the adventure, with my abandoned series books. But my new Abandoned Nashville book is now on sale at booksellers (regional availability) and online / Amazon. The irony is that the city has endured so much gentrification over the past several years, almost all the former abandoned locations in the book are now leveled. Nothing, or almost nothing like that still stands in Nashville anymore.

Abandoned Nashville book

My adventures in this book were at the huge abandoned Madison Mill, which has been undergoing renovation. Also the former Greer Stadium, demolished. Have you ever wondered what the old Starwood Amphitheater looks like these days? There is all that and more. Documented in the nick of time. Please visit my new author website for updates and more information, sales links, and lists of brick and mortar booksellers who offer my books. I hope you will check out my new Abandoned Nashville book and I appreciate your continued support of my exciting venture!