My whole goal is to be as direct but neutral as possible with this article. I’m offering insight from within that can help set shopping couples free from the noise that surrounds them while shopping for their wedding vendors. Online wedding blogs tell couples all kinds of things, some of which are true, and others that depend on the situation, or are completely bogus. These websites and blogs are intended to be helpful, and sometimes they are. They are trusted because they’re “neutral” Or are they? That’s what should be researched before putting too much stock in any source. That’s why I try to offer tips that are dependent, and not absolute. These 5 wedding photographer myths are ones I wish would be thought out better.

1- The shot list to give your wedding photographer- Stop. No. You are hiring, or should be hiring a wedding photographer because they are the solution, and he or she knows what to do. Referring to a list isn’t how all photographers work, me included. Some requests are one thing, but micromanaging a pro is unacceptable.

2- We have to hire a photographer who knows our venue- Only if you think that the four walls of your venue can outsmart the photographer you’re hiring. In which case, if any given pro can’t tell a story anywhere, they’ve got bigger issues. A true pro comes referenced and prepared. Experience and systems get us through the day seamlessly.

3- Don’t tip company owners- Most of us just own our jobs. We purchase equipment, insurance, and take years developing our craft. In that process, we must get a business license and pay taxes. What do we own exactly? I’m not pandering for tips. I’ve been paid, life is good. But, anyone who feels inclined to tip, it should be for anyone who went above and beyond and served you. “Owner” or not.

4- Must use a second shooter- Some do, some don’t. If you’re hiring a wedding photographer with a signature style and brand, and not a cheap provider, you’re hiring them for their expertise and systems they use. If you like their end product, you have no reason to want it any differently, just because some random people online say you must. I’ve photographed over 200 weddings, and have never used a second shooter. That’s just my way of working, and my preference, others do differently. If you have to micromanage based off a list, do you really trust this person? Something to think about.

5- Must use full frame Canon or Nikon- Who cares? You like their work or you don’t. That’s just a bunch of photographers talking, and bragging rights. Most who insist on full frame have no idea why they need it. I use Fuji, and it works for me. If another photographer prefers Canon or Nikon, great. As long as a professional photographer has backup gear and they know their gear, this is irrelevant.

These 5 wedding photographer myths are just that.